SkillShip: It’s time to build your ship – Morocco

By implementing of the project we want to achieve next of our project objectives :
– To increase of the awareness of the existing possibilities and opportunities of young people, as well as their potential
(self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.);
– To develop key competences – social and life skills;
– To encourage young people to be ready for taking challenges, openness for changes and diversity;
– To build intercultural connections: connect to different cultures and sub-cultures, to enhance their solidarity and
– To inspire collective thinking, critical thinking and sense of initiative of young people;
– To encourage young people to be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives and to increase the
participation by young people in the civic life of their community.
What activities do you plan to implement? What is the number and profile of the participants involved?
We plan to implement two activities:
1). APV meeting: for project successful implementation, we planned working meeting in Mohammedia, Morocco.
During the APV meeting we are planning to discuss all project related issues to divide our tasks and create our working
plan, where we will describe detaily project activities, home tasks, pre-departure meeting with participants, visa and
security issues.
2). Youth Exchange: “SkillShip: It’s time to build your ship”
Venue: Mohammedia, Morocco

We will have participants from 7 countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Slovakia, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine.
We plan to use non-formal learning methods such as games, energizers, simulations, work-shops, role-plays, mind
mapping, re-framing ,outdoor activities etc.
Participants profile:
We are looking for 18-25 years old, motivated young people who want to enhance social and life skills and interested in
discovering new cultures. Participants background are comprise participants with fewer opportunities, such as cultural
differences, educational difficulties, geographical and economical obstacles. Totally we will have 35 participants – 1
leader and 4 participants from each country.