Previous projects

In the field of capacity building, we have three examples:

1- Know the European Union: We organized an online session for 50 participants, supported by the European Union Delegation to Egypt in December 2020. In the presence of the Ambassador of the European Union to Egypt, Christian Berger, we discussed the following topics: European Union values and history, European Neighborhood Policy, and Egyptian relations with the European Union.

2- Coronavirus Awareness Campaign: We launched this campaign online from March to October 2020. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of Coronavirus, avoid the disease, and the preventive measures that can be followed, in the form of a set of articles, pictures, photos, and ten awareness videos with Dr. Ahmed Jaqoub on social media platforms. Optimistically, we reached more than 20,000 people.

3- Dialogue on Human Fraternity Document: From November 2020 to February 2021, we organized a set of dialogue sessions and workshops with 100 participants at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Cairo, Egypt.  With the support of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Dialogue in Vienna within the framework of the program of “Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation between Leaders and Various Religious Institutions in the Arab World,” we aimed to build the capacities of a group of Arab youth residing in the Arab Republic of Egypt in regard to the concept of human fraternity as well as dialogue and its tools as the primary and most effective solutions in solving conflicts and disagreements through the implementation of a series of workshops and dialogue sessions and the publication of 5 articles that confront hate speech, extremism, and intolerance.

In the field of cultural exchange, we have two examples:

1- Baltic – Arab Seminar, Estonia: From 2nd to 5th October 2019, we participated among 20 participants in Estonia. The Mediterranean Youth Foundation has participated in submitting an international seminar project involving leaders of youth foundations to promote cooperation among organizations in the Baltic and Mediterranean countries.

2- The Tunisian Association for Youth-Tunisia: MYF participated in implementing the conference of “Fosaifosa’ for Peace.” It sent five youth to take part during 21-26 October 2019 to enhance cultural exchange among the Arab youth.

In the field of international volunteerism, we have two examples:

1- European Initiative Center- Bulgaria: Under the auspices of the European Union through the Erasmus program, MYF made a fully funded partnership started from April 2019 to send Egyptian volunteers to Bulgaria for six months in the framework of enhancing  the Euro-Mediterranean youth relationships and of exchanging experiences in the youth field

2- Volunteering in Latvia: On March 8, 2020, the first volunteer from the Mediterranean Youth Foundation traveled to Latvia in a fully-funded program with the National Agency in Latvia. She worked in teaching English, making some activities and fun games, and sharing her experiences with children and youth in schools and youth centers.

In the field of safe spaces, we organized a set of sessions in Cairo with the participation of 20 young men and women in September 2019; we gave them the chance to share their interests and express their ideas in a safe space that enables them to talk about themselves with others.

In entrepreneurship, we supported the “No one behind” initiative, which aims to build the capacities of young people with fewer opportunities who face geographic, social, and economic challenges to equip them with the skills necessary for job opportunities.

In the field of youth studies, Youssef Aroog, who is the president of the Mediterranean Youth Foundation and researcher on international experiences of empowering youth, participated as a speaker in the virtual salon organized by the League of Arab States; he presented a research paper entitled “The implications of the Coronavirus on Arab youth…what’s next?”.


Future projects

  • The strategic “Know” project: From 2021 to 2023, MYF will implement set of sub-projects which are “Know the League of Arab States,” “Know the United Nations,” “Know the Union for the Mediterranean,” and “Know the African Union”. Through these projects, we target 800 young men and women between 18-29 years, present set of workshops, dialogue sessions, seminars, and social media campaigns, and aim to introduce these institutions, their projects, their scope of work, their charters, and sustainable development goals. The outcome would be twenty youth initiatives that support the SDGs in the Mediterranean, issue two reports on the role of civil society, train 800 trainee, aware 10000 young men and women on these institutions.
  • Mediterranean Leader: MYF will implement this project in 2022 in one of the Mediterranean countries. Through this project, we aim to strengthen the leadership skills of youth in the Mediterranean region, in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainable development, to enhance their life and professional skills, and to support ten young people who have development projects for the Mediterranean to create social change in the Mediterranean.
  • Share it with me project: In the beginning, MYF will implement this project within the Mediterranean Youth Foundation between August and September 2021. Then, we will launch this project for young people in the Mediterranean region between November and December 2021. We aim to enhance the value of “sharing” among youth, where each young person shares the skill or experience he/ she has with other young people. One hundred young men and women acquire various life skills, professional skills, experiences, and knowledge to help them develop their capabilities.
  • Peace Generation Initiative: MYF will implement the project between August and September 2021 in Cairo, Aswan, and New Damietta. Through it, we aim to implement five workshops for children from 7 to 12 years old and teach them peace, dialogue, and human fraternity by using artistic techniques such as drawing, choral, theater, and acting.


Decision-making process

The decision-making process in the Mediterranean Youth Foundation is interactive. It begins with the members of the central offices (cultural exchange, media, human resources, and languages and translation offices), where they propose projects that MYF can implement based on market research. The members submit the proposals to the offices head, who, in turn, they present to the head of central offices. In turn, he/ she cooperates with the Executive Director and his assistants (Administrative Director, Procurement Director, Accounts Manager, and Project Manager) to choose the projects based on competency and priority criteria. They present them to the Secretary-General, who offers them at the Board of Trustees meeting. The project will be approved in a democratic process, as the project must get a vote of half of the Board of Trustees +1. If the project doesn’t get the required votes, the project should be modified and presented to the Board of Trustees after modification. The process continues until the Board of Trustees approves it by voting.


How to join the Board of Trustees

The nomination process is competitively taken place, taking into consideration involving different ages, nationalities, and genders, as well as integrating youth with fewer opportunities and youth from marginalized border governorates, according to the following four steps:

1- Opening a call for the Board of Trustees membership and setting criteria for selection.

2- Examination of applications by the Board of Trustees.

3- Setting an interview appointment with the applicants who were accepted in the first stage.

4- The Board of Trustees conducts a vote to accept the applicant after the interview. The applicant must obtain half of the votes +1.


number of founders currently

The number of members is 183 members, and they are divided as follows:

– 148 members, Egypt, Africa.

– 7 members, Libya, Africa.

– 6 members, Tunisia, Africa.

– 8 members, Algeria, Africa.

– 3 members, Morocco, Africa.

– 5 members, Lebanon, Asia.

– 6 members, Jordan, Asia.